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Hi, my name is Ann. I spent 33 years with my husband who loved the outdoors. We camped from Montreal to Florida. We even tent camped on top of Mt. Mitchell—the highest point east of the Mississippi. I have more camping disaster stories (that I laugh about now) than you would care to hear. My husband died several years ago, but I still like to keep up with products available to make being outdoors more fun.

My grandchildren have all been active in sports, so I have learned much about the games and equipment they have used. After my husband died, and my job was cut because of the economy, I started looking at the internet to see if there was something I could do for work. My internet company is now over two years old. 

I hope you will find the products I have chosen to sell will make your outdoors experiences more fun!

- Ann

Outdoors and In's Mission Statement:

TO DEAL fairly and honestly and to be a respected member of the community.
TO PROVIDE exceptional customer service to keep long-term, satisfied customers.


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